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Simple, Effective, Band-aid Remedies for Geopathic Stress Faults

We hear a lot about excessive unhealthy EMF's, geopathic stresses, radiation, etc. These terms are often interchanged in articles and conversations regarding the unseen deleterious forces in our environment: "radiation" from smart meters, cell phones, microwave towers, one's neighbor's satellite dish, even our kitchen appliances, etc, as well as solar flares, the shifting magnetic North, geopathic stress faults, underground water pathways and disrupted energy lines from grids such as the Hartman grid. Head spinning yet?
Well, amongst all of these stresses that we are all subjected to, the ones emanating from the earth can be dealt with easily! And even in a simple effective manner costing ZIP! You can get a very savvy, experienced dowser to find locations, width and severity of the earth stressors OR just proceed "as if" there is a worst case scenario. Just apply some simple yet effective remedies.
Remember the old stately homes and large farm houses of the past? The buildings' corners were often built of serious large solid field stones, giving a very anchoring feeling but doing much more. These stones have a very high silica content. Silica deflects geopathic stresses emanating from the earth, causing these to flow around the home rather than through. The stones had a very specific physical purpose that seems to now have been lost. Marble contains silica, too. No need to go out and reconstruct the corners of your home or renovate your floors with marble, though.
Merely put a nice clean rock in each of all four corners of your home - apartment or house (not too small – no pebbles). And then, to be extra sure, buy some stone or marble floor tiles for under your bed – this is the one place you expect to spend quality physical repair time. So six square foot tiles, spread out under a double bed will do nicely (tiles made of poured limestone don't qualify for this – as they do not contain the required silica) for more protection. Deflecting any geopathic stresses from stress-faults and underground water streams and flows and broken Hartman grid lines below your bed is essential.
I buy stone tiles at ReStore of Habitat for Humanity. Locations at
With the tiles in place under your bed and the rocks in the corners of your home also providing overall protection, there is bound to be better healing and sleep. Rocks / marble / stone. That's it. Total cost of this protection is $0 to $12! Isn’t mother nature GREAT!

by Merrie Bakker, BA MArch, Live Blood Analysis, Ozone/Oxygen Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology


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