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Dissident Thinkers Guest Lecture with F. William Engdahl


Dissident Thinkers Guest Lecture Series - a lecture with best-selling author and analyst F. William Engdahl -

For decades, William has been covering issues on the economy, geopolitics, geoeconomics, oil, genetically modified organisms, GMOs, Pentagon doctrine, Peak Oil, and the origins of Global Warming Theory.

The main points he covered in this guest lecture are:
• The Rockefeller Foundation funded the Nazi eugenics program (a discredited pseudo-science).
* Germany in some areas actually copied the California model (
• Rockefeller Foundation, Duponts, Colgates & Co. developed the eugenics or genetics program, which underlies the GMO program.
• Nothing good can come of GMOs; they are a poison; potential for global food supply domination.
• Africa alone can feed the whole world with natural crops (UN experts suggest up to 12 billion people). GMOs will make it impossible to feed 12 billion people.
• GMO harvest yields are far inferior, create superweeds.
• Monsanto forces farmers to use "Terminator" seeds. It takes some seven years to revert GM field back to GM-free field.
• GMOs are a US National Security prerogative. Biotechnology is synonym for genetic modification.
• Agribusiness created by Rockefellers in 1950's out of Harvard Business School to control food supply.

You can also find William Engdahl at:

He has based his trilogy of books on the quote by Henry Kissinger: "Who controls the energy controls nations, who controls the food supply controls the people, who controls money controls the world."

A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order -

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation -

Gods of Money: Wall Street & the Death of the American Century -

Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order -

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